Friday, February 27, 2009

Karen's Body Beautiful

I think I've found my favorite new product. While my hair was out in it's rest period (during my 100-day hair challenge), I decided to test out the Karen's Body Beautiful hair line and I absolutely love it. I haven't tried everything in her hair line but what I have tried so far is the bomb! I am in complete love with her hair milk and her hair cream. My hair just eats it up. It's keeping my hair moisturized, shiny, oh and it smells fantastic! I went to work yesterday with everyone telling me how great I (I was wearing her hair milk and hair cream in Cranberry Cocktail). I highly recommend giving her line a try. I ordered the Heavenly Hair sample pack for $25.00 on her site ( ), which comes with a hair butter, hair milk, hair cream, and hair oil. Then my sweetie took me to NYC for Valentine's Day weekend and I visited her store which is on Myrtle Ave. (between Clinton and Waverly Aves. )in Brooklyn (use a GPS if you need to know how to get and Nyameke helped with her spectacular customer service. I will go back when the weather is not so cold and I will be going to KBB.


Amina said...

I am also a huuge fan of her products! I discovered them in June 07 and has been very faithful since :)

Laquita said...

Hey Kinkycoils,

I don't know if you remember me from 'back-in-the-day' on Nappturality, but I was just writing to let you know I gave your channel (which is wonderful by the way - I also love the blog) a 'shout-out' of sorts in an article I wrote for Clutch Magazine. Check it out when you get a chance and feel free to comment.

I sent you a friend request on YouTube from my channel Allnaptural.

Thanks - Laquita

Special K said...

I've been wanting to try the hair milk and I thought about the same scent you tried. Everyone has been saying the scent really last.