Sunday, November 8, 2009

Protective Style: Yarn Braids

So it's that time of year where the weather is getting cooler/colder and I need to protect my fragile naps. I've decided that I would do kinky twists again since I've done them myself before. I had the kinky twists in about a month before I took those out and tried my hand at yarn braids aka genie locs. I saw a video that Blackonyx77 had done on YouTube a week or so ago and her yarn braids came out really well so I bought the yarn from Michael's which I believe as about $2-3. I only bought two spools of the Red Heart 100% acrylic.

I made sure I moisturized my hair using aloe vera gel but I think next time I'll use a mixture of aloe vera gel and QB heavy cream. Braiding took me a total of 24 hours to which I wasn't all too happy about but I do like the turn out of the yarn braids.

I plan on keeping this set in for at least a month which I'll redo sometime the first week on December. So far I'm enjoying the yarn braids. They're very easy and very light weight. I've already co-washed my hair but I think next wash time I will do the baking soda/apple cider rinse. I've been oiling my scalp with BT (boundless tresses) but I'm switching to my homemade coconut oil/jojoba oil blend. Overall its a nice protective style for the winter months and I highly recommend giving the yarn braids a try.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kinky~Curly Curling Custard

I love KCCC. I have 4b/a hairtype (or on LOIS... OS Thick Cottony)and the KCCC really made my coils pop nicely!! I did the app in the shower last night which was not smart because if you don't know KCCC takes a very long time to air dry, but it worked out lovely in the morning. I just spritz it with my little mix and shook and it was on and "poppin'". I recommend this product especially for those with my hairtype (type 4) because it really does bring out your curls/coils. It's 100% natural ingredients and pretty pricey (about $ 26 for an 16 oz. tub).

purchased at

I used this with the Knot Today, which is a leave-in designed to go with the Curling Custard. I would suggest to use these two together to get stellar results.

I hear they are now selling Kinky~Curly at local Whole Foods stores so I'll be checking that out :D

Here are my results:

The night applied

Morning after applied

Friday, May 8, 2009

KinkyCoils' Homemade Shealoe!!

Now, I know it's been a long while since I've blogged but I've been fairly busy and to be absolutely honest I forgot about But this blog isn't about that...

I absolutely love love love this stuff. I have to say I love it more than my KBB and my QB. It never ever fails me *smile* I did a video a couple of months ago on how I mix up my homemade shealoe so check it out below when you get a chance. Of course, I've since tweaked my mixture but the main ingridients are still the same. Let me tell you, when your hair is feeling dry and hard try shealoe. I gurantee your hair will be well moisturized and soft. That is the truth!

Shealoe pt. 1 follow link...

Shealoe pt. 2 follow link...

Now I may do an updated version on how I make my shealoe and reposted on YT as well as here, but for right now I'm still working on this batch so when I'm out I'll make sure I do another video with the tweaked ingridients.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Karen's Body Beautiful

I think I've found my favorite new product. While my hair was out in it's rest period (during my 100-day hair challenge), I decided to test out the Karen's Body Beautiful hair line and I absolutely love it. I haven't tried everything in her hair line but what I have tried so far is the bomb! I am in complete love with her hair milk and her hair cream. My hair just eats it up. It's keeping my hair moisturized, shiny, oh and it smells fantastic! I went to work yesterday with everyone telling me how great I (I was wearing her hair milk and hair cream in Cranberry Cocktail). I highly recommend giving her line a try. I ordered the Heavenly Hair sample pack for $25.00 on her site ( ), which comes with a hair butter, hair milk, hair cream, and hair oil. Then my sweetie took me to NYC for Valentine's Day weekend and I visited her store which is on Myrtle Ave. (between Clinton and Waverly Aves. )in Brooklyn (use a GPS if you need to know how to get and Nyameke helped with her spectacular customer service. I will go back when the weather is not so cold and I will be going to KBB.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Products Products Products

Okay I have serious PJ' (PJ means product junkie). I just love to try out new products for my hair. I'm always thinking something else could work

So far this month I've ordered from and I've also bought some things at my local Bss (beauty supply store). *Sigh* I can't use any of it right now because my hair is in kinky twists. My plan is to use Miss Jessie's creme de la creme once I take this kinky twist set out. I may or may not use her shampoo, which is said not to have in SLS in it. I don't plan to rate the products I try out here, but if you want to know what I thought of a certain product just check out my album or I may do a YouTube video on it.

I have waaaay too many products. I just threw away a whole bunch of stuff last weekend, but I still have products! Most are still full; some are half full, but none are almost empty.

My Top 5 Products:

* Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
* Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
* Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner
* Sheamoisture Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner
* Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel (clear)
**BONUS** Futurebiotics Hair, Skin, Nail Vitamins

Those 5 products stay in rotation, but since getting more than few new products it may change up. I heard Karen's Body Beautiful has great products and I hear great reviews on them. We'll see...

Day 26~ 100 day hair challenge!

Okay, so its been 26 days since I started this challenge. All is going well. In fact I redid the kinky twists a day later because I didn't like how the first set came out (check photo below in last post). I love how the second set came out...

26 days have gone by so fast. My 50 days is coming up real soon (Feb. 11th) and at that time I'll retwist another set and wear until my end date (apr. 1). I've been using my hair growth oil that I got from Blackonyx77
It seems to be working fine. I bought a bottle of boundless tresses by Growth Specifics so I'm hoping to try that after my first 50 days is up.

I had to take out one twist in the front because it needed to be retightened and at that time I noticed my hair in the front has grown at least an inch!! The real test will be the sides; to see if my sides have grown. I'm noticing growth now because my hair has been in a "resting" state, meaning I have not been manipulating my hair (ex. combing, brushing, styling, etc.), so it's had time to retain a little more length. Yaaaay! Imagine how much length I may have by April. I mean if I've gained at least an inch in 3 weeks then I should be just below my lip or more by time April arrives (HOPEFULLY).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

100-Day Hair Challenge

Hi What's good? I know I've been MIA but life has me too busy to blog plus it's the holiday you know how that goes. Anyway, I wanted to do a quick blog on a hair challenge that I joined. It's called 100-Day Hair Challenge.
BlackOnyx77 started this challenge on Youtube and I think it a GREAT idea plus my hair needed the break. You can also check out her fotki album just search ChellyG and it should come up.

Anyway, I thought this was such a good idea that it inspired me to finally learn how to kinky twist my own hair. I plan to keep these set of twists in at least 2-4 weeks before I take them down; wash and condition my hair and then retwist (with kinky twists).


1. Cut down on combing/brushing my hair
2. Strong, Healthy hair
3. Protective style during these cold winter months
4. Hair growth as well as retain length
5. Stay away from hair dyes for awhile; grow out hair dye

Also, during this challenge I plan to drink a lot more H2o as well as take multivitamins and hair vitamins. The soul purpose of the 100-Day Hair Challenge is to give your hair a well needed rest period.

Protective Styles You Can Do:
*Kinky/Seneglease Twists (extensions)
*Individual Braids (extensions)
*Cornrows (w/extensions or without)
*2-strand Twists
*Weaves/Wigs/Quick Weaves

I put Kinky Twists in myself. I wanted to do individuals but I didn't have the dinero to get them done and my fiance's cousin couldn't do them, so I surfed YouTube and found many how-to videos on Kinky Twists. I came across BlackOnyx77, Beautifulbrwnbabydol, and Lyndaespratley and I used techniques from all three to create my twists. Now they are FAR from perfect but I think the second time around they'll be a little better.