Tuesday, December 23, 2008

100-Day Hair Challenge

Hi What's good? I know I've been MIA but life has me too busy to blog plus it's the holiday season...lol you know how that goes. Anyway, I wanted to do a quick blog on a hair challenge that I joined. It's called 100-Day Hair Challenge.
BlackOnyx77 started this challenge on Youtube and I think it a GREAT idea plus my hair needed the break. You can also check out her fotki album just search ChellyG and it should come up.

Anyway, I thought this was such a good idea that it inspired me to finally learn how to kinky twist my own hair. I plan to keep these set of twists in at least 2-4 weeks before I take them down; wash and condition my hair and then retwist (with kinky twists).


1. Cut down on combing/brushing my hair
2. Strong, Healthy hair
3. Protective style during these cold winter months
4. Hair growth as well as retain length
5. Stay away from hair dyes for awhile; grow out hair dye

Also, during this challenge I plan to drink a lot more H2o as well as take multivitamins and hair vitamins. The soul purpose of the 100-Day Hair Challenge is to give your hair a well needed rest period.

Protective Styles You Can Do:
*Kinky/Seneglease Twists (extensions)
*Individual Braids (extensions)
*Cornrows (w/extensions or without)
*2-strand Twists
*Weaves/Wigs/Quick Weaves

I put Kinky Twists in myself. I wanted to do individuals but I didn't have the dinero to get them done and my fiance's cousin couldn't do them, so I surfed YouTube and found many how-to videos on Kinky Twists. I came across BlackOnyx77, Beautifulbrwnbabydol, and Lyndaespratley and I used techniques from all three to create my twists. Now they are FAR from perfect but I think the second time around they'll be a little better.