Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 26~ 100 day hair challenge!

Okay, so its been 26 days since I started this challenge. All is going well. In fact I redid the kinky twists a day later because I didn't like how the first set came out (check photo below in last post). I love how the second set came out...

26 days have gone by so fast. My 50 days is coming up real soon (Feb. 11th) and at that time I'll retwist another set and wear until my end date (apr. 1). I've been using my hair growth oil that I got from Blackonyx77
It seems to be working fine. I bought a bottle of boundless tresses by Growth Specifics so I'm hoping to try that after my first 50 days is up.

I had to take out one twist in the front because it needed to be retightened and at that time I noticed my hair in the front has grown at least an inch!! The real test will be the sides; to see if my sides have grown. I'm noticing growth now because my hair has been in a "resting" state, meaning I have not been manipulating my hair (ex. combing, brushing, styling, etc.), so it's had time to retain a little more length. Yaaaay! Imagine how much length I may have by April. I mean if I've gained at least an inch in 3 weeks then I should be just below my lip or more by time April arrives (HOPEFULLY).