Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kinky~Curly Curling Custard

I love KCCC. I have 4b/a hairtype (or on LOIS... OS Thick Cottony)and the KCCC really made my coils pop nicely!! I did the app in the shower last night which was not smart because if you don't know KCCC takes a very long time to air dry, but it worked out lovely in the morning. I just spritz it with my little mix and shook and it was on and "poppin'". I recommend this product especially for those with my hairtype (type 4) because it really does bring out your curls/coils. It's 100% natural ingredients and pretty pricey (about $ 26 for an 16 oz. tub).

purchased at http://www.kinkycurly.com

I used this with the Knot Today, which is a leave-in designed to go with the Curling Custard. I would suggest to use these two together to get stellar results.

I hear they are now selling Kinky~Curly at local Whole Foods stores so I'll be checking that out :D

Here are my results:

The night applied

Morning after applied


KeetaRay said...

I love KCCC! I've always used the Knot Today but about 2-3 weeks ago I FINALLY purchased the Curling Custard. Very first time I used too much and my hair was hard/crunchy. 2nd time I got it right and now I love it!!

Whit said...

I'm researching like crazy about this product. I want to buy it so badly, but its kinda expensive annnnnd I'm nervous that it won't work well, but everyone keeps saying its amazing. Your hair looks good! Thanks for the post.

mercy said...

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Nyla Coils said...

I have used KCCC. It is ok, however, I prefer ECO-styler for 3.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply of Donna Marie Mira Curling Gelling for 20.00.

KCC is 30+ shipping or at whole foods for 30. When you can get the eco styler or donna marie - they do the same thing on my hair for cheaper. I would suggest trying either one of these as well.