Sunday, November 8, 2009

Protective Style: Yarn Braids

So it's that time of year where the weather is getting cooler/colder and I need to protect my fragile naps. I've decided that I would do kinky twists again since I've done them myself before. I had the kinky twists in about a month before I took those out and tried my hand at yarn braids aka genie locs. I saw a video that Blackonyx77 had done on YouTube a week or so ago and her yarn braids came out really well so I bought the yarn from Michael's which I believe as about $2-3. I only bought two spools of the Red Heart 100% acrylic.

I made sure I moisturized my hair using aloe vera gel but I think next time I'll use a mixture of aloe vera gel and QB heavy cream. Braiding took me a total of 24 hours to which I wasn't all too happy about but I do like the turn out of the yarn braids.

I plan on keeping this set in for at least a month which I'll redo sometime the first week on December. So far I'm enjoying the yarn braids. They're very easy and very light weight. I've already co-washed my hair but I think next wash time I will do the baking soda/apple cider rinse. I've been oiling my scalp with BT (boundless tresses) but I'm switching to my homemade coconut oil/jojoba oil blend. Overall its a nice protective style for the winter months and I highly recommend giving the yarn braids a try.


Mingo said...

I tried these, they didnt last for very long because I missed my hair too much.

EveTouJourS said...

This looks great on you, will be trying them soon! I hope they look just as great on me.

HJ said...

I did mine myself a month ago and love how carefree and low maintenance they are (and they resemble locs). Sometimes I get antsy and want to take them out b/c I miss playing with my hair, but then I recall the time spent styling my natural hair, and decide against it. Mine took 11 hours in total, and I plan to keep them in for another month.

LaTosha Brown said...

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