Monday, July 21, 2008

BOCA (Bellydancers of Color Association)

Okay so I'm on "da tube" as usual and I see Nia (aka Niakisali) posted a video about bellydancing (I've always wanted to do bellydancing). Basically, she's doing bellydancing classes as apart of her health/workout regimen. Let me tell you, I was very impressed with this idea because for months I've been wanting to get back in shape and try some bellydancing. Well I have to say Nia has motivated me... a I used to be real atheletic about 6 years ago but stopped for some reason. When I was in school I ran track, played basketball, and did cheerleading. I've fallen So Nia has inspired me to loose some of that baby fat that I got after giving birth 8 months ago.

Thanks Nia!


Nia said...

girl you dont have no baby fat!!!! lol