Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Hair Routine

I just wanted to post about my hair routine for the summer. I'm still testing this routine out but this is what I'm doing so far. I live in a state that has a lot of humidity so I don't have to do as much, but if I feel like my hair is dry I do use a homemade spritz.

~Do a daily conditioner wash (I like to use either Suave or Vo5) or sometimes I'll just rinse with water. Sometimes I skip a day due to

~Apply my leave-in conditoner (I didn't do this before until I realize my hair needs it; I like to use Sheamoisture leave-in) on damp hair.

~Let air dry.

*Use homemade spritz if hair is dry (veggie glycerin/h2o mix)

Other Treatments: Shampoo once a month (I use Creme of Nature but I'm going to try Nasabb's Teawynn poo). I also deep condition bi-weekly (or when my hair needs it).

Once fall rolls around I will post my Fall/Winter rountine. I doubt it'll be the same as last