Monday, July 14, 2008

Hair It Is...

Well early yesterday I washed my hair. I've been pretty fraustrated with my hair because it's been breaking off and it's been very dry, but of course thats totally my fault. The last few months I haven't been taking very good care of my hair which it now shows. One side of my head (the right side) has broken off badly. I'm also trying to grow the rest of this dye out so I can eventually cut it out. So today I decided enough is enough... I NEED TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF MY

I decided to change my routine. My hair needs more moisture and a little more protein, so I'm going start "co-washing" my hair at least three times a week if not everyday. Once a month I'm going to do a protein treatment and bi-weekly I'm going to do deep conditioning treatments. Once a month I'm going to do a "pre-poo" treatment (using coconut milk, molasses/honey, and olive oil) followed by shampooing. I've also decided to do more protective styles. Since I don't know how to cornrow or flat twist, I'll just two strand twist, do individual braids, and/or wig it. Hopefully this will get my hair back on track.