Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oh man! This has been a long ass week. I am so tired and I guess it didn't help that I was going to bed every night at 12am then waking up every morning at 6:30am (sometimes earlier). I'm sooo glad I'm off work tomorrow. Because I was so busy this week the only thing I was doing to my hair was... nothing but putting a wig on. I still had the "dookey" twists in my hair from Sunday's wash day. At least I was spritzing daily with my h2o/glycerin mix. I think it was Tuesday night I did the "baggying" method (if you want to know what that is just leave a comment). I guess on tomorrow I will take the twists down and do a co-wash then "dookey" twist it back up for the next week or maybe I'll wait til Sunday.

Oh yeah, if you have any time to say a quick prayer for my coworker's daughter who is in the hospital trying to get over the bacterial infection Mrsa. She has been in the hospital all week and it looks like she'll be in another week, but then she's not out of the woods yet. Toodles!